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Manchester United
Manchester United Sented by Luis

In 1968, Manchester United became the first English football team to win the European Cup. In 1999, they won three Cups in eleven days. Manchester United are the biggest, richest and most successful football club in the world. Read about the sport, the team, the players and the fans. A must for all football fans.

Vucudunu Kullanma Klavuzu
Vucudunu Kullanma Klavuzu Sented by Paul

Bu kitap, vücudunuzla ilgili tüm bilinenleri yıkacak. HarperCollins Bu kitabı okuduktan sonra daha genç ve sağlıklı bir hayat süreceksiniz. Amazon Harry Potter'ı tahtından indiren tek kitap. Herkes mutlaka okumalı. AP Vücudunuzla ilgili hiçbir şey bilmediğinizi göreceksiniz. Publishers Weekly Daha uzun ve mutlu hayatın anahtarını bu kitapta bulacaksınız. ABC News Bu kitap hastalıklara karşı en büyük silahınız olacak. Oprah Winfrey Vücudun sırlarını esprilerle anlatan tek kitap.

How to squeeze a lemon
How to squeeze a lemon Sented by Paul

It’s not unusual to hear the word geek used in the halls or around the table at Fine Cooking: It’s a term of endearment. We like the science behind cooking—the more we know about why things work the way they do, the more we have to share with you, from why a batch of whipped cream will go from light and fluffy to grainy and unusable in seconds (see page 119 for the solution to that one) to how to actually squeeze a lemon so that it won’t squirt you in the eye in the process (find the answer to that one on page 47)—the more you’ll learn.

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