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American Creoles
American Creoles Sented by Jacob

The Francophone Caribbean and the American South are sites born of the plantation, the common matrix for the diverse nations and territories of the circum-Caribbean.

Ambivalent Encounters
Ambivalent Encounters Sented by Rebecca

Jenny Huberman provides an ethnographic study of encounters between western tourists and the children who work as unlicensed peddlers and guides along the riverfront city of Banaras, India.

Ambisonics Sented by Rebecca

This open access book provides a concise explanation of the fundamentals and background of the surround sound recording and playback technology Ambisonics.

Always an Adventure
Always an Adventure Sented by Emma

Hugh Dempsey has for decades been one of Alberta's most prolific and influential public historians. Author of more than twenty books, he has also been "in on the ground floor" of the development of many key Alberta institutions, including the Indian Association of Alberta, the Historical Society of Alberta, and most importantly, the Glenbow Museum.

Altmetrics for Digital Libraries

The volume of scientific literature is increasing and researchers have difficulties in estimating their quality and relevance.

Althusser and Education
Althusser and Education Sented by Jacob

Louis Althusser's thinking laid the groundwork for critical educational theory, yet it is often misunderstood in critical pedagogy, sociology of education, and related fields. In this open access book, David I.

Alternatives to Animal Testing

This open access book presents recent advances in the pure sciences that are of significance in the quest for alternatives to the use of animals in research and describes a variety of practical applications of the three key guiding principles for the more ethical use of animals in experiments – replacement, reduction, and refinement, collectively known as the 3Rs.

Alternative Water Supply Systems

Owing to climate change related uncertainties and anticipated population growth, different parts of the world (particularly urban areas) are experiencing water shortages or flooding and security of fit-for-purpose supplies is becoming a major issue.

Alternative Historiographies of the Digital Humanities

"In Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History, Michel-Rolph Trouillot writes that by examining the process of history we can “discover the differential exercise of power that makes some narratives possible and silences others.”

Alternative Fuels for Transportation

With existing petroleum oil and natural gas reserves enough for only several more decades, there is an imminent need for alternative energy sources.

Alternative countrysides
Alternative countrysides Sented by Christopher

A fresh anthropological look at a central but neglected topic: the profound changes in rural life throughout Western Europe today.

Alternative and Mainstream Media

This book is available as open access through the Bloomsbury Open Access programme and is available on www.bloomsburycollections.com.

Alpine Industrial Landscapes

This Open Access book presents a pioneering research on brownfield redevelopment in mountain regions, and specifically in the European Alps.

Alleys of Your Mind
Alleys of Your Mind Sented by Rebecca

What does thinking mean in the age of Artificial Intelligence? How is big-scale computation transforming the way our brains function?

Allegories of the Anthropocene
Allegories of the Anthropocene Sented by Rebecca

In Allegories of the Anthropocene Elizabeth M. DeLoughrey traces how indigenous and postcolonial peoples in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands grapple with the enormity of colonialism and anthropogenic climate change through art, poetry, and literature.

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