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Academic Ableism
Academic Ableism Sented by Rebecca

Academic Ableism brings together disability studies and institutional critique to recognize the ways that disability is composed in and by higher education, and rewrites the spaces, times, and economies of disability in higher education to place disability front and center.

Academia in Crisis
Academia in Crisis Sented by Daniel

Academia is standing at a junction in time. Behind lies the community of the curious, ahead the mass and the market.

Abruptly Dogen
Abruptly Dogen Sented by Jacob

"In the thirteenth century Dogen brought Zen to Japan. His tradition flourishes there still today and now has taken root across the world. Abruptly Dogen presents some of his pith writings—startling, shifting, funny, spilling out in every direction.

Abraham Abulafia’s Esotericism Secrets and Doubts

This book focuses on Abraham Abulafia’s esoteric thought in relation to Maimonides, Maimonideans, and Islamic thought in the line of Leo Strauss’ theory of the history of philosophy.

Aboriginal Placenames
Aboriginal Placenames Sented by Emma

Aboriginal approaches to the naming of places across Australia differ radically from the official introduced Anglo-Australian system.

Ableism in Academia
Ableism in Academia Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Rather than embracing difference as a reflection of wider society, academic ecosystems seek to normalise and homogenise ways of working and of being a researcher.

Ablasskampagnen des Spätmittelalters

Martin Luther`s Theses against indulgences (1517) provided the impetus for the Reformation. This volume examines the context of this epochal moment against the backdrop of the extensive campaigns against indulgences that had roiled Church life over the previous two centuries.

A Web-Based Approach to Measure Skill Mismatches and Skills Profiles for a Developing Country

"Several interdisciplinary studies highlight imperfect information as a possible explanation of skill mismatches, which in turn has implications for unemployment and informality rates. Despite information failures and their consequences, countries like Colombia (where informality and unemployment rates are high) lack a proper labour market information system to identify skill mismatches and employer skill requirements.

A war of individuals: Bloomsbury attitudes to the Great War

This book draws together for the very first time examples of the 'aesthetic pacifism' practised during the Great War by such celebrated individuals as Virginia Woolf, Siegfried Sassoon and Bertrand Russell. In addition, the book outlines the stories of those less well-known who shared the mind-set of the Bloomsbury Group when it came to facing the first 'total war'.

A Voice for Maria Favela
A Voice for Maria Favela Sented by Daniel

This open access book, originally published in Portuguese in 1988 and now available in English for the first time, describes the Brazilian educator, Antonio Leal's, experiences teaching so-called “unteachable” children in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas.

A Visual Atlas for Soil Micromorphologists

This open access atlas is an up-to-date visual resource on the features and structures observed in soil thin sections, i.e. soil micromorphology.

A view to a kill
A view to a kill Sented by Jacob

The sophistication of Neanderthal behavioural strategies have been the subject of debate from the moment of their recognition as a separate species of hominin in 1856. This book presents a study on Neanderthal foraging prowess.

A United Nations Renaissance
A United Nations Renaissance Sented by Rebecca

This short introduction to the United Nations analyzes the organization as itis today, and how it can be transformed to respond to its critics.

A typology of marked-S languages

Case-systems all over the world exhibit striking similarities. In most lan- guages intransitive subjects (S) receives less overt marking than one of the two transitive arguments (agent-like A or patient-like P); the other one of these two arguments is usually encoded by the same form as S.

A Translation of Lao-tzu’s Tao Te Ching and Wang Pi’s Commentary

During the Spring-Autumn period (722–420 BCE) and the time of the Warring States (480–222 CE), China was in great turmoil. Intellectuals and social reformers sifted through their wisdom and knowledge of China’s experiences up to then, attempting to find a solution to their situation

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