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A Prometheus on a Human Scale – Ignacy Łukasiewicz

This book is dedicated to the life and work of Ignacy Łukasiewicz, Polish pharmacist whose world-renowned achievements include construction of the world’s first oil refinery and invention of the modern kerosene lamp. The authors also portray the history of the Galician oil industry and set it in the context of political, social and technological changes taking place in the 19th-century Central and Eastern Europe.

A Prodigy of Universal Genius: Robert Leslie Ellis, 1817-1859

Places Ellis at the heart of early-Victorian Cambridge with in-depth descriptions on his scientific work and tragic life Provides a unique glimpse into Victorian intellectual culture, based on previously unpublished archival materials This open access book brings together for the first time all aspects of the tragic life and fascinating work of the polymath Robert Leslie Ellis (1817–1859), placing him at the heart of early-Victorian intellectual culture.

A Precariat Charter
A Precariat Charter Sented by Sarah Gerdes

This book is available as open access through the Bloomsbury Open Access programme and is available on www.bloomsburycollections.com. Guy Standing's immensely influential 2011 book introduced the Precariat as an emerging mass class, characterized by inequality and insecurity.

A Player and a Gentleman
A Player and a Gentleman Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Hardworking actor, playwright, and stage manager Harry Watkins (1825–94) was also a prolific diarist. For fifteen years Watkins regularly recorded the plays he saw, the roles he performed, the books he read, and his impressions of current events.

A New Dawn
A New Dawn Sented by Rebecca

BRICS is a significant player in the international arena. Thus, it is important for South Africa as a member of BRICS to explore the implications of the external and internal influences of BRICS. This includes comprehensive understanding of the international and national involvement of BRICS in education provision and introducing discovered influences in South African educational planning.

A Musicology of Performance

"This book examines the nature of musical performance. In it, Dorottya Fabian explores the contributions and limitations of some of these approaches to performance, be they theoretical, cultural, historical, perceptual, or analytical. Through a detailed investigation of recent recordings of J. S. Bach’s Six Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, she demonstrates that music performance functions as a complex dynamical system.

A more developed sign: interpreting the work of Jesper Hoffmeyer

For more than 40 years, Jesper Hoffmeyer has been committed to the idea of developing “a semiotics of nature, or biosemiotics as he chose to call this effort, that could intelligibly explain how all the phenomena of inherent meaning and signification in living nature – from the lowest level of sign processes in unicellular organisms to the cognitive and social behavior of animals – can emerge from a universe that was not so organized and meaningful from the very beginning” (Emmeche et al. 2002: 41).

A Modern Introduction To Particle Physics (3rd Edition)

The book provides a comprehensive account of particle physics linking various aspects of particle physics in a coherent manner. This self-contained book not only cover basic concepts and recent developments but also overlaps between Astrophysics, Cosmology and Particle Physics, known as astroparticle physics.

A Living Systems Theory of Vocational Behavior and Development

The Living Systems Theory of Vocational Behavior and Development (LSVD) explains and illustrates the processes by which individuals construct their work experiences, vocational pathways and career patterns through episodes of interaction with affordances they recognize within their contexts, and how counseling can facilitate those processes. Readership: Educational Researchers and their students

A Grammar of Akajeru
A Grammar of Akajeru Sented by Luis

A Grammar of Akajeru describes aspects of the grammatical system and lexicon of Akajeru, a traditional dialect of the North Andamanese language, as it was reportedly used around the beginning of the twentieth century.

A Good Example of Peaceful Coexistence?

This monograph, based on newly declassified sources from Western and Russian archives as well as on communist texts about international law and neutrality, is the first English-language account of Soviet policy towards neutral yet capitalist Austria during the Cold War.

A God of Time and Space
A God of Time and Space Sented by Luis

"This book is a collection of essays on Bob Dylan and religion. The eight scientific essays present new perspectives on the subject, aiming to elucidate the role played by religion in Bob Dylan’s artistic output and in the reception history of some of his songs.

A Glance at Work
A Glance at Work Sented by Luis

The topics of work flexibility, precarious jobs, and the relationship between work, the market and production are subjects that are widely debated in the sociological, philosophical, economic and political spheres.

A Genealogy of Bamboo Diplomacy

In 1975, M.R. Kurkrit Pramoj met Mao Zedong, marking the eventual establishment of diplomatic relations and a discursive rupture with the previous narrative of Communist powers as an existential threat. This book critically interrogates the birth of bamboo (bending with the wind) diplomacy and the politics of Thai détente with Russia and China in the long 1970s (1968–80).

A Foreign Affair
A Foreign Affair Sented by Luis

With six Academy Awards, four entries on the American Film Institute’s list of 100 greatest American movies, and more titles on the National Historic Register of classic films deemed worthy of preservation than any other director, Billy Wilder counts as one of the most accomplished filmmakers ever to work in Hollywood. Yet how American is Billy Wilder, the Jewish émigré from Central Europe?

A Functional, Comprehensive and Extensible Multi-Platform Querying and Transformation Approach

This thesis is about a new model querying and transformation approach called FunnyQT which is realized as a set of APIs and embedded domain-specific languages (DSLs) in the JVM-based functional Lisp-dialect Clojure. Founded on a powerful model management API, FunnyQT provides querying services such as comprehensions, quantified expressions, regular path expressions, logic-based, relational model querying, and pattern matching.

A Critical Woman
A Critical Woman Sented by Rebecca

This book is available as open access through the Bloomsbury Open Access programme and is available on www.bloomsburycollections.com. Barbara Wootton was one of the extraordinary public figures of the twentieth century.

A Critical History of Poverty Finance
A Critical History of Poverty Finance Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Starting from the recent rise of much-hyped ‘fintech’ (financial technologies) solutions for development finance, which have been heralded by the World Bank/IMF/G20 etc as a silver bullet in the fight against poverty, this monograph provides a critical historical context of development finance from a post-colonial perspective.

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