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A critical analysis of the Physical Education curriculum in the Czech Republic

This monograph reviews the PE curriculum in the Czech Republic. It presents research into the quality of the Czech PE curriculum and makes recommendations regarding its redesign. It targets the scientific community and experts in the field and seeks to enrich international research on the PE curriculum and update the knowledge base of curriculum study.

‘A Course of Severe and Arduous Trials’

The artist Francis Bacon (1909-1992) and the writer Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) both convey in their work a sense of foreboding and confinement in bleak, ritualistic spaces. This book identifies many similarities between the spaces and activities they evoke and the initiatory practices of fraternal orders and secret societies that were an integral part of the social landscape of the Ireland experienced by both men during childhood.

A Course in Field Theory
A Course in Field Theory Sented by Emma

Extensively classroom-tested, A Course in Field Theory provides material for an introductory course for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in physics.

A Conversation about Healthy Eating

What constitutes a healthy diet? Mainstream media and advertisers would like you to think that the answer to this question is complicated and controversial. But science, fortunately, tells us otherwise. A Conversation about Healthy Eating brings together all the relevant science about healthy eating in one place, and it’s exactly that – a conversation; an informal discussion between a scientist and a friend about their eating habits, keeping the science firmly rooted in everyday life.

A Contemporary Archaeology of London’s Mega Events

A Contemporary Archaeology of London’s Mega Events explores the traces of London’s most significant modern ‘mega events’. Though only open for a few weeks or months, mega events permanently and disruptively reshape their host cities and societies: they demolish and rebuild whole districts, they draw in materials and participants from around the globe and their organisers self-consciously seek to leave a ‘legacy’ that will endure for decades or more.

A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education

Is it possible to bring university research and student education into a more connected, more symbiotic relationship? If so, can we develop programmes of study that enable faculty, students and ‘real world’ communities to connect in new ways?

A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand

Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand has been experiencing something of a ‘golden age’. Within this, the richness of Australasia’s philosophical past, though less well known, should not be forgotten: Australasian philosophy includes much distinctive and highly original work.

A Companion to Geoffrey of Monmouth

A Companion to Geoffrey of Monmouth brings together scholars from a range of disciplines to provide an updated scholarly introduction to all aspects of his work. Arguably the most influential secular writer of medieval Britain, Geoffrey (d. 1154) popularized Arthurian literature and left an indelible mark on European romance, history, and genealogy.

A Common Hunger
A Common Hunger Sented by Luis

Geographically, demographically, and politically, South Africa and Canada are two countries that are very far apart. What they have in common are indigenous populations, which, because of their historical and ongoing experience of colonization and dispossession, share a hunger for land and human dignity.

A Coat of Many Colors
A Coat of Many Colors Sented by Emma

A Coat of Many Colors investigates Israel’s first seven years as a sovereign state through the unusual prism of dress. Clothes worn by Israelis in the 1950s reflected political ideologies, economic conditions, military priorities, social distinctions, and cultural preferences, and all played a part in consolidating a new national identity.

A Brief Genealogy of Jewish Republicanism: Parting Ways with Judith Butler

A Brief Genealogy of Jewish Republicanism: Parting Ways with Judith Butler uses the chance synchronicity of the 2013 Israeli parliamentary elections and literary theorist Judith Butler’s controversial Brooklyn College address calling for the boycotting of Israeli academic, cultural, and economic institutions as an occasion for examining possible relations between Jewishness and state-centered forms of self-governance.

A Certain Age
A Certain Age Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A Certain Age' is an unconventional, evocative work of history and a moving reflection on memory, modernity, space, time, and the limitations of traditional historical narratives. Rudolf Mrázek visited Indonesia throughout the 1990s, recording lengthy interviews with elderly intellectuals in and around Jakarta. With few exceptions, they were part of an urban elite born under colonial rule and educated at Dutch schools.

A Century of Parks Canada, 1911-2011

"... a diverse and fascinating array of perspectives on the history of Canada's national parks, illuminating many less well-understood aspects of the evolving place of people in and near these parks." - Stephen Bocking, Professor and Chair, Environmental and Resource Studies Program, Trent University When Canada created a Dominion Parks Branch in 1911, it became the first country in the world to establish an agency devoted to managing its national parks.

A Cape of Asia
A Cape of Asia Sented by Sarah Gerdes

A Cape of Asia collects eighteen of Wesseling’s finest essays on European History, clustered around three concerns: The Wider View, or the historical European perspective on globalization, migration and decolonization; Europe’s Identity, reflecting the shift from Eurocentrism to Americanization and Europe’s acceptance of Japan, China and India as new key players in the global economy; and European Ideas about Education, Science, and Art.

A Byzantine Book on Dream Interpretation

This monograph compares the most important Byzantine work on dream interpretation with the 2nd-century A.D. Greek work of Artemidoros and five medieval Arabic dreambooks and demonstrates that it was based on Islamic Arabic sources adapted for Christian readers of Greek

A Buddhist Ritual Manual on Agriculture

A hitherto unpublished scripture of Buddhist dharani literature, the Vajratuṇḍasamayakalparāja has been recently discovered in five Nepalese manuscripts.

A Basic Theory of Everything

The book presents a theory of what the basic building blocks of the world are and argues that they can be reduced to three: a field, a set of values, and an actualizer.

70 Years of Levothyroxine
70 Years of Levothyroxine Sented by Christopher

This open access book presents the history, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of levothyroxine, discussing its role in the thyroid pathophysiology of patients of various ages and during pregnancy.

500 ICT Tips for Primary Teachers
500 ICT Tips for Primary Teachers Sented by Steve Bark

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has been the focus of much debate and development within education, especially in the primary sector. This text offers tried and tested ideas for using IT effectively across the whole primary curriculum.

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