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Alternative countrysides
Alternative countrysides Sented by Christopher

A fresh anthropological look at a central but neglected topic: the profound changes in rural life throughout Western Europe today.

Alternative and Mainstream Media

This book is available as open access through the Bloomsbury Open Access programme and is available on www.bloomsburycollections.com.

Alpine Industrial Landscapes

This Open Access book presents a pioneering research on brownfield redevelopment in mountain regions, and specifically in the European Alps.

Alleys of Your Mind
Alleys of Your Mind Sented by Rebecca

What does thinking mean in the age of Artificial Intelligence? How is big-scale computation transforming the way our brains function?

Allegories of the Anthropocene
Allegories of the Anthropocene Sented by Rebecca

In Allegories of the Anthropocene Elizabeth M. DeLoughrey traces how indigenous and postcolonial peoples in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands grapple with the enormity of colonialism and anthropogenic climate change through art, poetry, and literature.

All Things Arabia
All Things Arabia Sented by Sarah Gerdes

By employing the innovative lenses of ‘thing theory’ and material culture studies, this collection brings together essays focused on the role played by Arabia’s things - from cultural objects to commodities to historical and ethnographic artifacts to imaginary things - in creating an Arabian identity over time.

All the Same The Words Don't Go Away

Twenty-five years of essays and reviews, linked loosely by three themes. First is the creative potential inherent in transposing classic literary texts into other genres of media (operatic, dramatic) and the responsibilities, if any, that govern the transposer, audience, and critic.

All in the Family
All in the Family Sented by Luis

Western political philosophers since Plato have used the family as a model for harmonious political and social relations.

All Culture is Local
All Culture is Local Sented by Rebecca

This book is an outcome from a five year Australian Research Council funded research project, CAMRA cultural asset mapping in regional Australia project (LP0882238).

Algorithmic Reason
Algorithmic Reason Sented by Daniel

Are algorithms ruling the world today? Is artificial intelligence making life-and-death decisions? Are social media companies able to manipulate elections?

Alexander Williamson
Alexander Williamson Sented by Luis

Alexander Williamson was professor of chemistry at UCL (1849–87) and a leading scientist of his time. He taught and cared for visiting Japanese students, thereby assisting them with their goal of modernising Japan.

Alexander Kluge
Alexander Kluge Sented by Sarah Gerdes

Alexander Kluge is best known as a founding member of the New German Cinema. His work, however, spans a diverse range of fields and, over the last fifty years, he has been active as a filmmaker, writer and television producer.

Albert Ballin (English edition)

His was an unprecedented rise to the top: from the thirteenth child of a poor Jewish emigrant agent to the "sovereign of shipping" and "friend" of the Kaiser.

AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City

This book describes the coming about and first results of the AiREAS "healthy city" cooperative in the city of Eindhoven and Province of North Brabant in the Netherlands.

Air Supplied
Air Supplied Sented by Steve Bark

Air Supplied doubles as an artbook and edited collection of critical essays on the work of Australian-based artist David Cross.

AI Knowledge Transfer from the University to Society

AI Knowledge Transfer from the University to Society: Applications in High-Impact Sectors brings together examples from the "Innovative Ecosystem with Artificial Intelligence for Andalusia 2025" project at the University of Seville, a series of sub-projects composed of research groups and different institutions or companies that explore the use of Artificial Intelligence in a variety of high-impact sectors to lead innovation and assist in decision-making.

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