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Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump Sented by Luis

It would be a very difficult case to find at least one person on Earth, who did not know the famous film "Forrest Gump" with Tom Hanks. Certainly, everybody knows and loves this movie. But have you ever read the book on which this film is based?

The Path of a Christian Witch

A unique mix of memoir and how-to that includes practical daily Pagan rituals, this inspiring book shows how one woman blended Christian traditions with the magic and beauty of a Wiccan practice. Raised in the Catholic faith, yet strongly drawn to Paganism, Adelina St. Clair spent many years questioning and soul-searching before she found a way to blend aspects of Wicca and Christianity into a vibrant and loving belief system. Filled with personal anecdotes, this book tells the story of St. Clair's journey of self-discovery and revelation, from her initial fear and guilt to her ultimate sense of peace and joy. With warmth and heartfelt reverence, St. Clair discusses vital aspects of Witchcraft and Christianity, as well as the commonalities between the two. ― Monotheism vs. polytheism ― Magical practice ― The teachings of Christ ― Goddess worship ― The femininity of God ― The Wheel of the Year ― Praying the rosary ― Sacred space

Dinin Kökenleri
Dinin Kökenleri Sented by Luis

Dinin Kökenleri, Freud'un dinsel inanç konusundaki görüşlerinin ayrıntılı bir anlatısını sunmaktadır. Freud, dinin bilinçdışı ve ilkel yönlerinin altını çizerek, din ile ilkel toplumların, çocukların ve nevrotiklerin zihinsel yaşamları arasında koşutluklar kurmaktadır.

Incense Magick: Create Inspiring Aromatic Experiences for Your Craft

Immerse yourself in the enchanting, sensory-rich world of incense and deepen your knowledge of a treasured and indispensable tool for your magickal life. Carl F. Neal, author of the popular book, Incense, offers this meticulously researched, globespanning guide to the magickal applications of incense. From "redecorating" a room with the perfect scent to performing intricate incense ceremonies, you'll learn to create aromatic enchantments using pellets, seals, powders, and other incense forms in meditations, rituals, spells, and even games. Take your practice to a deeper level as you discover burning techniques and mystical uses, both traditional and innovative. Rituals specific to different types of incense Guidance for selecting incense and charcoal An alphabetized list of traditional and modern incense ingredients, including rare botanicals Combustible: smudging, sticks (masala and joss), cones, cylinders, and dhoops Non-combustible: pellets (moist), loose incense, and powders Incense seals, trails, and chains Correspondences for the elements, seasons, particular intentions, and more

Kelebeğin Hayat Sırları
Kelebeğin Hayat Sırları Sented by Michael

İnsan nasıl yaşarsa parlar? Nasıl yaşarsa mutluluğu yakalar? Nasıl yaşarsa yaşadığına değer? Nil’in kelebeklerde keşfettiği hayat sırları elinizde… 17 yaşıma dönseydim, kendime şunları söylerdim: En önemli şey aşk; onu doya doya yaşa! Birkaç kişinin elini sıkı sıkı tut. Onların dertleriyle dertlen, mutluluklarıyla uç, dediklerine kulak ver.

The Eighth Situpa on the Third Karmapa's Mahamudra Prayer

Here in one compact volume are all of the stages of instruction on the path of Mahamudra. Included are concise and complete formal instructions on the ground path and fruition of this penetrating practice. This vast and profound commentary originates with the Eighth Situpa, a remarkable scholar and practitioner who is considered the most accomplished of all the Situ emanations.

Sources of the Jesus Tradition: Separating History from Myth

Who was the "real Jesus"? Given the historical unreliability of the gospels and other ancient sources, can this question ever be answered? Is it possible that a historical Jesus never existed? These questions and more are addressed in this collection of expert essays based on the latest research in New Testament scholarship. All of the authors are participants in the Jesus Project, a new investigation into the origins of Christianity. The editor describes the project as a beneficiary of its history, building on the work of prior inquiry and acknowledging important advances in the reconstruction of Christian origins in the last two centuries. It is "new" in advocating a faith-free approach to the sources and greater attention to method than previous inquiries. The scholars represented in this volume are among the finest in the world. Included are not only experts in New Testament studies but also specialists in archeology, legal history, intertestamental Judaism, educational studies, Near Eastern studies, philosophy, and classics. The first fruits of this scholarly collaboration are gathered together in this excellent anthology, which will be a welcome addition to the libraries of anyone with an interest in Christian origins.

Quantum Gods: Creation, Chaos, and the Search for Cosmic Consciousness

Does quantum mechanics show a connection between the human mind and the cosmos? Are our brains tuned into a "cosmic consciousness" that pervades the universe enabling us to make our own reality? Do quantum mechanics and chaos theory provide a place for God to act in the world without violating natural laws? Many popular books make such claims and argue that key developments in twentieth-century physics, such as the uncertainty principle and the butterfly effect, support the notion that God or a universal mind acts upon material reality. Physicist Victor J. Stenger examines these contentions in this carefully reasoned and incisive analysis of popular theories that seek to link spirituality to physics. Throughout the book Stenger alternates his discussions of popular spirituality with a survey of what the findings of twentieth-century physics actually mean. Thus he offers the reader a useful synopsis of contemporary religious ideas as well as basic but sophisticated physics presented in layperson’s terms (without equations). Of particular interest in this book is Stenger’s discussion of a new kind of deism, which proposes a God who creates a universe with many possible pathways determined by chance, but otherwise does not interfere with the physical world or the lives of humans. Although it is possible, says Stenger, to conceive of such a God who "plays dice with the universe" and leaves no trace of his role as prime mover, such a God is a far cry from traditional religious ideas of God and, in effect, may as well not exist. Like his bestselling book, God, The Failed Hypothesis, this new work presents a rigorously argued challenge to many popular notions of God and spirituality.

The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi Publisher: North Atlantic Books

The Bhagavad Gita, also called The Song of the Lord, is a 700-line section of a much longer Sanskrit war epic, the Mahabharata, about the legendary conflict between two branches of an Indian ruling family. Framed as a conversation between Krishna, an incarnation of the god Vishnu, and a general of one of the armies, the Gita is written in powerful poetic language meant to be chanted. Equally treasured as a guide to action, a devotional scripture, a philosophical text, and inspirational reading, it remains one of the world��s most influential, widely read spiritual books.

Walden - Ormanda Yaşam
Walden - Ormanda Yaşam Sented by Musa

Sivil itaatsizlik anlayışının öncülerinden sayılan Amerikalı yazar, filozof ve şair Walden Gölü kıyısında, şehirden ve modern hayattan kopuk bir biçimde geçirdiği yıllara ait deneyimlerini okurlarıyla paylaşırken sosyal ve ekonomik hayata dair, bugün için bile marjinal sayılabilecek fikirlerini öne sürmekten geri durmuyor.

Zengin Baba Yoksul Baba
Zengin Baba Yoksul Baba Sented by Shon

Özellikle teknolojinin, robotların ve global bir ekonominin kuralları değiştirdiği bir dünyada, zengin olmak için yüksek gelirinizin olması gerektiği efsanesini çürütür. Aktif yatırımlar edinmenin ve oluşturmanın neden yüklü bir maaştan daha önemli olabileceğini, işletme sahiplerinin ve yatırımcıların keyfini sürdüğü vergi avantajlarını öğretir.

Hayatınızı Değiştirecek Bilgelik Öyküleri

ÖMÜRDEN SAYMAYIZ Bir gün dervişin biri, bir köyün mezarlığı yanından geçerken bir şey dikkatini çekmiş. Mezarlıktaki bütün mezarların üzerindeki taşlarda; 'Beş yıl yaşadı', 'Üç yıl yaşadı', 'Sekiz yıl yaşadı' gibi yazılar görmüş.

Astral Voyages: Mastering the Art of Soul Travel

Free yourself from the limitations of the earth plane and the laws of space and time. Astral Voyages presents more than 65 exercises that train you to safely leave your physical body and return unharmed from explorations of the upper astral plane and the causal, mental, or etheric realms. You might even venture to the soul plane and observe the process of selecting your next lifetime! Dr. Goldberg unveils his paradigm of the 13 dimensions, developed from 25 years of experience with hypnotic regression, progression, and out-of-body experiences. Specific scripts train you for guided imagery astral voyage, lucid dreams, accessing the Akashic records, cabalistic projection, and advanced techniques such as the Witch'’s Cradle and the 37-Degree Technique used by the ancient Egyptians. Other topics in this metaphysical book include astral entities, astral sex, astral healing, and scientific studies on astral voyaging.

Güç, Politika ve Değişim
Güç, Politika ve Değişim Sented by Michael

Dünyayı Daha İyi Bir Yere Dönüştürmek İçin Ne Yapabilirim? "Kendini değiştir. O değişimle du?nyanın bir parçasını değiştireceksin." -OSHO

Devrim: Yaşama Yepyeni Bir Gözle Bakmak

Büyük Sufi ermiş "Kabir"in sözleri üzerine yorumlar... Osho bütün sistemleri yerle bir eden bir devrimden söz eder. İçsel masumiyetimizi, içimizdeki programlanmamış varlığı hatırlamamızı sağlayan bu devrimdir. Bu, içsel bir devrimdir: bir kez daha dünyayı oraya dışarıdan konmuş bütün yargı ve koşullanmalardan bağımsız gözlerle gören ve hayatımıza tam bir dönüşüm getirebilecek tek devrim.

The Qur'an (Oxford World's Classics)

One of the most influential books in the history of literature, recognized as the greatest literary masterpiece in Arabic, the Qur'an is the supreme authority and living source of all Islamic teaching, the sacred text that sets out the creed, rituals, ethics, and laws of Islam. Yet despite the growing interest in Islamic teachings and culture, there has never been a truly satisfactory English translation of the Qur'an, until now. This superb new translation of the Qur'an is written in contemporary language that remains faithful to the meaning and spirit of the original, making the text crystal clear while retaining all of this great work's eloquence. The translation is accurate and completely free from the archaisms, incoherence, and alien structures that mar existing translations. Thus, for the first time, English-speaking readers will have a text of the Qur'an which is easy to use and comprehensible. Furthermore, Haleem includes notes that explain geographical, historical, and personal allusions as well as an index in which Qur'anic material is arranged into topics for easy reference. His introduction traces the history of the Qur'an, examines its structure and stylistic features, and considers issues related to militancy, intolerance, and the subjection of women. Clearly written and filled with helpful information and guidance, this brilliant translation of the Qur'an is the best available introduction to the faith of Moslems around the world. About the Series: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the broadest spectrum of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, voluminous notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Geleceğe Yön Veren Başarı Öyküleri

Antik Yunan'ın ve dünyanın en büyük hatiplerinden biri olan Demosten, konuşabilmek için önce kekemeliğini yenmek zorunda kaldı. Ernest Hemingway, "İhtiyar Adam ve Deniz" adlı kitabının müsveddelerini yayımcıya göndermeden önce sekiz defa gözden geçirerek düzeltti.

Confucianism: An Introduction (Introductions to Religion)

It is arguably Confucianism, not Communism, which lies at the core of China's deepest sense of self. Although reviled by Chinese intellectuals of the 1950s-1990s, who spoke of it as ""yellow silt clotting the arteries of the country,"" Confucianism has defied eradication, remaining a fundamental part of the nation's soul for 2500 years. And now, as China assumes greater ascendancy on the world economic stage, it is making a strong comeback as a pragmatic philosophy of personal as well as corporate transformation, popular in both home and boardroom. What is this complex system of ideology that stems from the teachings of a remarkable man called Confucius (Kongzi), who lived in the distant sixth century BCE? Though he left no writings of his own, the oral teachings recorded by the founder's disciples in the Analects left a profound mark on later Chinese politics and governance. They outline a system of social cohesiveness dependent upon personal virtue and self-control. For Confucius, society's harmony relied upon the appropriate behaviour of each individual within the social hierarchy; and its emphasis on practical ethics has led many to think of Confucianism as a secular philosophy rather than a religion. In this new, comprehensive introduction, Ronnie Littlejohn argues rather that Confucianism is profoundly spiritual, and must be treated as such. He offers full coverage of the tradition's sometimes neglected metaphysics, as well as its varied manifestations in education, art, literature and culture.

Sadece Aptallar 8 Saat Uyur

Aklı başında olan hiçbir insan, ömrünün üçte birini yastığa bağışlamaz. Bu kitap, "Erişkin bir insan günde en az 8 saat uyumalıdır." palavrasını ve / veya önyargısını kırarak 8 saat uyumanın bir alışkanlıktan ibaret olduğunu öğretmektedir. 4 saat uyuyarak 8 saat uyumuş gibi zinde uyanmayı da anlatan kitap, bunun nasıl yapılabileceğini öğretmektedir.

Yalan: 100% Dürüst Yaşamak Mümkün mü?

Azılı bir katil kapınızı çaldı! Peşine düştüğü çocuk evinizde saklanıyor. Katil, çocuk nerede diye soruyor. Nasıl yani? Böyle bir durumda bile yalan söylememek mümkün mü? Ya da bir baba kızını nikâh masasına götürüyor… Bir bakıyor ki kızının gelinliği onu fazlasıyla şişman göstermiş. Babanın bu durumda kızını uyarması dürüstlük mü gerçekten? Dürüstlüğün de sınırları var mı, yoksa yalan, yalan mıdır?

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