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The Public Sector in an Age of Austerity: Perspectives from Canada's Provinces and Territories

Following the 2008 global financial crisis, Canada appeared to escape the austerity implemented elsewhere, but this was spin hiding the reality. A closer look reveals that the provinces – responsible for delivering essential public and social services such as education and healthcare – shouldered the burden. The Public Sector in an Age of Austerity examines public-sector austerity in the provinces and territories, specifically addressing how austerity was implemented, what forms austerity agendas took (from regressive taxes and new user fees to public-sector layoffs and privatization schemes), and what, if any, political responses resulted. Contributors focus on the period from 2007 to 2015, the global financial crisis and the period of fiscal consolidation that followed, while also providing a longer historical context – austerity is not a new phenomenon. A granular examination of each jurisdiction identifies how changing fiscal conditions have affected the delivery of public services and restructured public finances, highlighting the consequences such changes have had for public-sector workers and users of public services. The first book of its kind in Canada, The Public Sector in an Age of Austerity challenges conventional wisdom by showing that Canada did not escape post-crisis austerity, and that its recovery has been vastly overstated.

The Principle of Non-contradiction in Plato's Republic: An Argument for Form

Plato’s formulation of the Principle of Non-contradiction (PNC) in Republic IV is the first full statement of the principle in western philosophy. His use of the principle might seem to suggest that he endorses the PNC. After all, how could one possibly deny so fundamental a principle—especially when it seems difficult to deny it without relying on it. However, the endorsement in the text is qualified. Socrates refers to the principle as one that he and his interlocutors will hypothesize and warns that if it should ever be shown to be false, all that follows from it will also be refuted. Scholars who have noticed this issue have tended to assume that the truth of the hypothesis in question can be guaranteed. Laurence Bloom argues against unthinkingly accepting this claim. He suggests that what emerges from the text is more sophisticated: Plato’s concession that the PNC is hypothetical is a textual clue pointing us to a complex philosophical argument that grounds the PNC, as well as the sort of reasoning it grounds, in form. Indeed, in framing the problem in this way, we can read the Republic as providing an extended argument for form. 

Eric Hoffer: The Longshoreman Philosopher (Hoover Institution Press Publication)

Drawn from Eric Hoffer's private papers as well as interviews with those who knew him, this detailed biography paints a picture of a truly original American thinker and writer. Author Tom Bethell interviewed Hoffer in the years just before his death, and his meticulous accounts of those meetings offer new insights into the man known as the "Longshoreman Philosopher."

Ethics for Governance: Reinventing Public Services

This book provides a comprehensive overview of India’s public services and bureaucratic systems, and explores why widespread corruption and inefficient delivery have slowed development. It: discusses the underlying reasons for the prevailing inefficiency in public services; examines the complex linkages between ethics-based public service, India’s cultural and spiritual heritage, and its current economic development model; and outlines ways to create an ethics code and an environment that is conducive to better administration and good governance. Lucid, accessible, and meticulously researched, this will prove essential to scholars and students of public administration, governance studies and political science, particularly bureaucrats, policy-makers and civil service aspirants.

From Media Systems to Media Cultures: Understanding Socialist Television (Communication, Society and Politics)

In From Media Systems to Media Cultures: Understanding Socialist Television, Sabina Mihelj and Simon Huxtable delve into the fascinating world of television under communism, using it to test a new framework for comparative media analysis. To understand the societal consequences of mass communication, the authors argue that we need to move beyond the analysis of media systems, and instead focus on the role of the media in shaping cultural ideals and narratives, everyday practices and routines. Drawing on a wealth of original data derived from archival sources, programme and schedule analysis, and oral history interviews, the authors show how communist authorities managed to harness the power of television to shape new habits and rituals, yet failed to inspire a deeper belief in communist ideals. This book and their analysis contains important implications for the understanding of mass communication in non-democratic settings, and provides tools for the analysis of media cultures globally.

Have a Little Faith: Religion, Democracy, and the American Public School (History and Philosophy of Education Series)

It isn’t just in recent arguments over the teaching of intelligent design or reciting the pledge of allegiance that religion and education have butted heads: since their beginnings nearly two centuries ago, public schools have been embroiled in heated controversies over religion’s place in the education system of a pluralistic nation. In this book, Benjamin Justice and Colin Macleod take up this rich and significant history of conflict with renewed clarity and astonishing breadth. Moving from the American Revolution to the present—from the common schools of the nineteenth century to the charter schools of the twenty-first—they offer one of the most comprehensive assessments of religion and education in America that has ever been published. From Bible readings and school prayer to teaching evolution and cultivating religious tolerance, Justice and Macleod consider the key issues and colorful characters that have shaped the way American schools have attempted to negotiate religious pluralism in a politically legitimate fashion. While schools and educational policies have not always advanced tolerance and understanding, Justice and Macleod point to the many efforts Americans have made to find a place for religion in public schools that both acknowledges the importance of faith to so many citizens and respects democratic ideals that insist upon a reasonable separation of church and state. Finally, they apply the lessons of history and political philosophy to an analysis of three critical areas of religious controversy in public education today: student-led religious observances in extracurricular activities, the tensions between freedom of expression and the need for inclusive environments, and the shift from democratic control of schools to loosely regulated charter and voucher programs. Altogether Justice and Macleod show how the interpretation of educational history through the lens of contemporary democratic theory offers both a richer understanding of past disputes and new ways of addressing contemporary challenges.

Lectures on Public Economics: Updated Edition

This classic introduction to public finance remains the best advanced-level textbook on the subject ever written. First published in 1980, Lectures on Public Economics still tops reading lists at many leading universities despite the fact that the book has been out of print for years. This new edition makes it readily available again to a new generation of students and practitioners in public economics. The lectures presented here examine the behavioral responses of households and firms to tax changes. Topics include the effects of taxation on labor supply, savings, risk-taking, the firm, debt, and economic growth. The book then delves into normative questions such as the design of tax systems, optimal taxation, public sector pricing, and public goods, including local public goods. Written by two of the world's preeminent economists, this edition of Lectures on Public Economics features a new introduction by Anthony Atkinson and Joseph Stiglitz that discusses the latest developments in the field and areas for future research. The definitive advanced-level textbook on public economics Examines the effects of taxation on households and firms Covers tax system design, optimal taxation, public sector pricing, and more Includes suggestions for further reading Additional resources available online

Priority Setting and the Public

Practical and evidence-based, this unique book is the first comprehensive text focused on person-centered approaches to people with serious mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It reflects a range of views and findings regarding assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, self-help, policy-making, education and research. It is highly recommended for all healthcare professionals, students, researchers and educators involved in general practice, psychiatry, nursing, social work, clinical psychology and therapy. Healthcare service providers, and policy makers and shapers, will find the book's wide-ranging, multi-professional approach enlightening. 'Serious Mental Illness reflects a continued distancing from the outmoded and unsubstantiated belief that people with severe mental illnesses could not recover, and that they would respond positively only to goals and treatment plans chosen, designed and implemented by providers in order to prevent their further deterioration. Anyone with an interest in the concept of person-centered approaches will discover new ideas in this book. Indeed, anyone with an interest in person-centered approaches has to read this book. Not only is it the first such book on person-centered approaches, but it will serve as the gold standard in this topic area for years to come.' William A Anthony, in the Foreword

Public Domain, The: How to Find & Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art & More

Find free content and save on permission fees! Millions of creative works―books, artwork, photos, songs, movies, and more―are available copyright-free in the public domain. Whether your tastes run more Jane Austen or Jane Eyre, Beethoven or Irving Berlin, Edvard Munch or Claude Monet, you’ll find inspiration in The Public Domain. The only book that helps you find and identify which creative works are protected by copyright and which are not, The Public Domain covers the rules for: writings music art photography architecture maps choreography movies video software databases collections The 8th edition is completely updated with hundreds of new online and digitized public domain resources. The book covers the latest legal developments regarding copyright and the public domain―from state copyright policies to free and low-cost legal advice for creative types to copyright issues regarding photos lacking human authorship, and much more!

Public Relations and the Corporate Persona: The Rise of the Affinitive Organization (Routledge New Directions in Public Relations & Communication Research)

For much of the last century, large, predominantly US corporations used public relations to demonstrate that their missions resonated with dominant societal values. Through the construction and conveyance of the "corporate persona", they aimed to convince citizens that they share common aspirations - and moreover that their corporate "soul" works as a beneficent force in society.

Letters to J. D. Salinger
Letters to J. D. Salinger Sented by Luis

Despite J. D. Salinger’s many silences―from the publication of The Catcher in the Rye to his absence from the public eye after 1965 to his death in 2010―the unforgettable characters of his novel and short stories continue to speak to generations of readers and writers. Letters to J. D. Salinger includes more than 150 personal letters addressed to Salinger from well-known writers, editors, critics, journalists, and other luminaries, as well as from students, teachers, and readers around the world, some of whom had just discovered Salinger for the first time. Their voices testify to the lasting impression Salinger’s ideas and emotions have made on so many diverse lives.

Herman Melville: Among the Magazines

"What I feel most moved to write, that is banned,―it will not pay. Yet, altogether, write the other way I cannot." Herman Melville wrote these words as he struggled to survive as a failing novelist. Between 1853 and 1856, he did write "the other way," working exclusively for magazines. He earned more money from his stories than from the combined sales of his most well known novels, Moby-Dick, Pierre, and The Confidence-Man. In Herman Melville Graham Thompson examines the author's magazine work in its original publication context, including stories that became classics, such as "Bartelby, the Scrivener" and "Benito Cereno," alongside lesser-known work. Using a concept he calls "embedded authorship," Thompson explores what it meant to be a magazine writer in the 1850s and discovers a new Melville enmeshed with forgotten materials, editors, writers, and literary traditions. He reveals how Melville responded to the practical demands of magazine writing with dazzling displays of innovation that reinvented magazine traditions and helped create the modern short story.

Arap Talihsizliği
Arap Talihsizliği Sented by Luis

Araplar hızla dünyanın “öteki”leri haline geliyor. Özellikle 11 Eylül’den beri, Suudi yöneticiler, Kuveytli zenginler dahil, en ayrıcalıklı Araplar için de geçerli bu durum.

Devlet Sented by Luis

M.Ö. 427-347 yılları arasında yaşamış olan Eflatun düşlediği en iyi devleti, Sokrates'le birlikte, bu kitapta anlatır.

Çapraz İlişkiler
Çapraz İlişkiler Sented by Michael

Bu kitap bir araştırmanın, incelemenin sonuçlarını ortaya koyma iddiasını taşımıyor. Buradaki yazılar, dış politika konusunda bazı gözlemlerimizi ve fikirlerimizi yansıtan bir deneme niteliğindedir.

Ortadoğu  İki Bin Yıllık Ortadoğu Tarihi

Hıristiyanlığın başlangıcından günümüze Ortadoğu’nun iki bin yıllık tarihini dünyaca ünlü tarihçi Bernard Lewis’in bilimsel bir yaklaşımla ve etkileyici bir dille anlattığı kitabı "Ortadoğu".

Aselsan Cinayetleri
Aselsan Cinayetleri Sented by Michael

Son yıllarda kendi milli savunma sistemini inşa etmeye çalışan Türkiye, bu alanda çalışan süper beyinlerin şüpheli ölümleri ile sarsılıyor. Elinizdeki eser savunma sanayiinde yaşanan seri ölümlerin izini sürüyor.

Kitle ve İktidar
Kitle ve İktidar Sented by Musa

Canetti 'düşünmek ısrar etmektir' diyerek 'Kitle ve İktidar'ı kaleme aldığı 30 yıl boyunca bu çalışmasını gölgeleyecek kapsamda başka eser vermedi.

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