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Electronics Projects For Dummies

Who says the Science Fair has to end? If you love building gadgets, this book belongs on your radar. Here are complete directions for building ten cool creations that involve light, sound, or vibrations -- a weird microphone, remote control gizmos, talking toys, and more, with full parts and tools lists, safety guidelines, and wiring schematics.

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments

BANNED: The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments was a children’s chemistry book written in the 1960s by Robert Brent and illustrated by Harry Lazarus, showing how to set up your own home laboratory and conduct over 200 experiments.

Fundamentals of Air Pollution, 4TH EDITION

Fundamentals of Air Pollution is an important and widely used textbook in the environmental science and engineering community. Written shortly after the passage of the seminal Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, the third edition was quite timely. Surprisingly, the text has remained relevant for university professors, engineers, scientists, policy makers and students up to recent years. However, in light of the transition in the last five years from predominantly technology-based standards (maximum achievable control technologies or MACTs) to risk-based regulations and air quality standards, the text must be updated significantly.

The Joy of Cryptography
The Joy of Cryptography Sented by Luis

The Joy of Cryptography is a textbook for an undergraduate course in cryptography.

100 Statistical Tests: in R

100 Statistical Tests in R is designed to give you rapid access to one hundred of the most popular statistical tests.

Mental Disability in Victorian England: The Earlswood Asylum 1847-1901 (Oxford Historical Monographs)

This book contributes to the growing scholarly interest in the history of disability by investigating the emergence of 'idiot' asylums in Victorian England. Using the National Asylum for Idiots, Earlswood, as a case-study, it investigates the social history of institutionalization, privileging the relationship between the medical institution and the society whence its patients came.

TypeScript Notes for Professionals

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript, which means that all JavaScript code is valid TypeScript code. TypeScript adds a lot of new features on top of that.

Social Media Mining: An Introduction

The growth of social media over the last decade has revolutionized the way individuals interact and industries conduct business.

Linux Command Line: Getting Started with Bash and Shell Scripting

You Too Can be a Linux Command Line Genius! You've seen the sleek and point and click surface that is the Linux desktop client. While this is great, we all know the real power of Linux lies beneath the hood. The problem is the command line is intimidating and you want to learn it quickly and as easily as possible.

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