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Going to School in Black and White A dual memoir of desegregation

The school careers of two teenage girls who lived across town from each other ––one black, one white–– were altered by a court-ordered desegregation plan for Durham, NC in 1970. LaHoma and Cindy both found themselves at the same high school from different sides of a court-ordered racial “balancing act.” This plan thrust each of them involuntarily out of their comfort zones and into new racial landscapes. Their experiences, recounted in alternating first person narratives, are the embodiment of desegregation policies, situated in a particular time and place. Cindy and LaHoma’s intertwining coming of age stories are part of a bigger story about America, education and race--and about how the personal relates to the political. This dual memoir covers the two women’s life trajectories from early school days to future careers working in global public health, challenging gender biases, racial inequities, and health disparities. LaHoma and Cindy tell their stories aware of the country's return to de facto school segregation, achieved through the long-term dismantling of policies that initially informed their school assignments. As adults, they consider the influence of school desegregation on their current lives and the value of bringing all of us into conversation about what is lost or gained when children go to school in black and white.

The Flying Horse
The Flying Horse Sented by Musa

Beautifully illustrated with dramatic oil paintings, a timeless story from Greek mythology comes to life and tells of Bellerophon, son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, who tames a flying horse and eventually pushes Zeus too far.

Defensive Database Programming with SQL Server

This book helps you to produce resilient T-SQL code that robustly and gracefully handles cases of unintended use, and is resilient to common changes to the database environment.

Stochastic Multiplayer Games: Theory and Algorithms

Stochastic games provide a versatile model for reactive systems that are affected by random events. This dissertation advances the algorithmic theory of stochastic games to incorporate multiple players, whose objectives are not necessarily conflicting.

Graph Theory: Penn State Math 485 Lecture Notes

This is a set of lecture notes for Math 485–Penn State’s undergraduate Graph Theory course. Readers should have taken a course in combinatorial proof and ideally matrix algebra.

Fast Fourier Transforms
Fast Fourier Transforms Sented by Shon

This book focuses on the discrete Fourier transform (DFT), discrete convolution, and, particularly, the fast algorithms to calculate them.

Business Processes and Information Technology

This textbook prepares students to effectively use, manage, and participate in the development of information technology applications in support of common business processes.

The R Inferno
The R Inferno Sented by Musa

A book about trouble spots, oddities, traps, glitches in R. If you are using R and you think you’re in hell, this is a map for you.

An Introduction to Proofs and the Mathematical Vernacular

This textbook helps students make the transition from being a user of mathematics to someone who can critically read and evaluate mathematical statements and being able to write mathematical explanations in clear, logically precise language.

Applied Combinatorics
Applied Combinatorics Sented by Michael

This textbook covers the fundamental enumeration techniques (permutations, combinations, subsets, pigeon hole principle), recursion and mathematical induction, more advanced enumeration techniques, discrete structures, and discrete optimization.

Elementary Algebra
Elementary Algebra Sented by Shon

Elementary Algebra is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of a one-semester elementary algebra course.

Introduction to Differential Equations

Lecture notes for a first course in differential equations, taught at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Included in these notes are links to short tutorial videos posted on YouTube.

The Second Internet: Reinventing Computer Networking with IPv6

This book helps engineers build a bridge from what they know of IPv4 to the new concepts of IPv6. Includes a series of very detailed labs that can be done with generic PCs and open source software, to create a full featured IPv6 testbed network.

SQL Server Transaction Log Management

This book offers just the right level of detail so that every DBA can perform all of the most important aspects of transaction log management.

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