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A Dog of Flanders

A haunting and sentimental tale of Nello, a young boy who aspires to be a painter, and his beloved dog Patrasche - both of whom endure poverty, hunger, cruelty and rejection right up to the tragic, bittersweet end. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

A new edition of a beautiful Christmas story already prized as a classic by all who knew it.

"Will be hailed by the very young readers as especially theirs....Vividly written...so true to life." -The Chautauquan

"One of the best of Ouida's (Louise de la Ramée) short stories, and replete with interest to boys and girls who love a real good dog story. The tale is of a little Belgian boy and Belgian girl - both orphans, whose favorite companion and best friend was a fine dog, who dragged the cart with the milk cans to the city as his daily stunt, and did many other things to earn a few centimes for his little master and mistress, and a bone for himself. For years the dog served and befriended them, but the pathos comes when on one bitter night of frost in Antwerp, the boy and the dog were frozen to death in the great cathedral, and were found by the Cure as he wended his way on the altar for the morning mass." -Journal of Education

"That a story for children should be good literature we believe, and therefor we take pleasure in recommending 'A Dog of Flanders,' by Louisa de la Ramée, for here is good diction which will surely delight the children and beauty of thought to which they are quite able to respond." -The Christian Work

"Those persons who associate this gifted French woman only with her brilliant and sometimes daring novels, have no conception of the result when a talent for storytelling such as hers, is turned, as a labor of love, to the service of those keenest epicures, the children." -The Interior

"Louise de la Ramée, or Ouida, has written several children's stories that rank with the world's classics. One of these, her matchless little story, 'A Dog of Flanders,' is recommended in our latest list." -The Young Woman's Journal

"Deserves a place in every young folks' library." -The School Journal

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Published: 05 November 2021 - 18:00