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Download A Guiding Light: A Royal States Novel free book as epub format

A Guiding Light: A Royal States Novel

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In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life—and love—always finds a way.

Once upon a time, Adam had been betrothed to North Dakota’s heir, and she’d been his everything, his reason for living. Failing to develop his parents’ talents, he’s stripped of his rank and shipped to a remote corner of the kingdom to live out the rest of his life as a shamed outcast.

Defying the realities of his new caste and hiding his love for the one woman he can’t have, Adam turns to the stock markets, ghosting through the financial world in search of purpose. Trouble comes calling when his beloved’s little brother shows up on his doorstep. Adam’s first mistake is inviting in the royal runaway. His second is listening to the child’s plight, learning of New York’s plan to crash North Dakota’s stock market and incite rebellion.

Unless Adam does something to stop the rival kingdom, his former betrothed will become the property of another man. Unwilling to see her reduced to a trophy bride and unable let her go without a fight, Adam pits his love and fortunes against the influence and power of kings.

Should Adam falter, North Dakota will lose more than a princess: it will fall to civil war.

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Book pages: 276

ISBN: 978-1949740455

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Published: 01 August 2019 - 10:00

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