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A Stable for Nightmares

Dickon the DevilA Debt of HonorDevereux's DreamCatherine’s QuestHauntedPichon and Sons, of the Croix RousseThe Phantom FourthThe Spirit's WhisperDr. Feversham’s StoryThe Secret of the Two Plaster CastsWhat Was It? This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

He extended it for my inspection.

"Oh no; there's nothing wrong with your hand. This was differently shaped; fatter; and the middle finger was stunted, and shorter than the rest, looking as if it had once been broken, and the nail was crooked like a claw. I called out, "Who's there?" and the light and the hand were withdrawn, and I saw and heard no more of my visitor."

"So sure as you're a living man, that was him!" exclaimed Tom Wyndsour, his very nose growing pale, and his eyes almost starting out of his head.

"Who?" I asked.

"Old Squire Bowes; 'twas his hand you saw; the Lord a' mercy on us!" answered Tom. "The broken finger, and the nail bent like a hoop. Well for you, sir, he didn't come back when you called, that time. You came here about them Miss Dymock's business, and he never meant they should have a foot o' ground in Barwyke; and he was making a will to give it away quite different, when death took him short. He never wa

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