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Advanced Topics in Computer Vision

Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

This book presents a broad selection of cutting-edge research, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of reconstruction, registration, and recognition. The text provides an overview of challenging areas and descriptions of novel algorithms. Features: investigates visual features, trajectory features, and stereo matching; reviews the main challenges of semi-supervised object recognition, and a novel method for human action categorization; presents a framework for the visual localization of MAVs, and for the use of moment constraints in convex shape optimization; examines solutions to the co-recognition problem, and distance-based classifiers for large-scale image classification; describes how the four-color theorem can be used for solving MRF problems; introduces a Bayesian generative model for understanding indoor environments, and a boosting approach for generalizing the k-NN rule; discusses the issue of scene-specific object detection, and an approach for making temporal super resolution video.

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