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African Camp Fires

Spirited sketches of hunting and adventure in British East Africa, which give an excellent idea of native life, the country, and its development by the white man, the game found and the spirit of Africa, and often show a nice sense of humor. (Publishers description from 1914) This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Stewart Edward White (1873-1946), an American author, was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He earned degrees from University of Michigan (Ph. D., 1895; M. A., 1903). From about 1900 until about 1922, he wrote adventure travel books. Starting in 1922, He and his wife Elizabeth "Betty" Grant White wrote numerous books they claimed were received through channelling with spirits. They also wrote of their travells around the state of California. His works include: The Claim Jumpers (1901), Conjuror's House: A Romance of the Free Forest (1903), The Forest (1903), Blazed Trail Stories, and Stories of the Wild Life (1904), The Mountains (1904), The Silent Places (1904), Arizona Nights (1907), The Riverman (1908), The Rules of the Game (1910), The Land of Footprints (1912), The Sign at Six (1912), African Camp Fires (1913), The Gray Dawn (1915), The Leopard Woman (1916), The Forty- Niners: A Chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado (1918), and The Killer (1919).

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