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Download Bad Business: A Sexy Billionaire Romance (The Pleasure Pact Book 1) free book as epub format

Bad Business: A Sexy Billionaire Romance (The Pleasure Pact Book 1)

From bestselling author JC Harroway comes the first book in The Pleasure Pact series. Grace Metcalf only wanted a onetime fling…but he’s got her risking it all for more! This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

After my sister died, I knew I owed it to her and myself to get out there and start living. First order—calling off my wedding to a man I didn’t love. Then a margarita-filled night led to an agreement with my best friends: The Pleasure Pact. We’ve all agreed to live in the moment, which means behaving badly, embracing passion and saying yes to every adventure…even a red-hot holiday fling.

When I agreed to go honeymooning solo in sunny Fiji, I didn’t expect to find a gorgeous paddleboard instructor ready and waiting to take my mind off the mundanity of real life. The mysterious Ryan Dempsey is exactly what I need: no rings, no romance, just raw sex appeal. His enigmatic past has turned him off love—now he’s all about lust and spontaneity.

Ryan might be set on keeping things casual, but each electrifying encounter with him only shows me that our scorching chemistry goes beyond the physical. Can I convince this sworn bachelor that risking our tropical affair for a deeper connection is worth it?


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