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Download Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL, 2nd Edition free book as pdf format

Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL, 2nd Edition

From Novice to Professional This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL offers readers a thorough overview of database basics, starting with an explanation of why you might need to use a database, and following with a summary of what different database types have to offer when compared to alternatives like spreadsheets. You’ll also learn all about relational database design topics such as the SQL query language, and introduce core principles including normalization and referential integrity.

The book continues with a complete tutorial on PostgreSQL features and functions and include information on database construction and administration.

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Book pages: 664

ISBN: 978-1-59059-478-0

Book language: en

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Published: 28 December 2018 - 21:08