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Cell Culture Techniques

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Societal, ethical, and cost-related issues, not to mention the need for sound scientific methods, have led to new and refined methods for the evaluation of health risks associated with neurotoxic compounds, relevant and predictive of exposure, relatively inexpensive, and ideally amenable to high throughput analysis and a reduction in animal use.  Cell Culture Techniques presents thorough traditional chapters, such as those on various cell culture methods that have evolved over the years, as well as innovative approaches to neurotoxicologic testing.  Accordingly, this detailed volume describes how stem cells, computational biology, and other novel powerful methods can now be applied to address the challenges of neurotoxic testing.  As part of the Neuromethods series, this work provides the kind of intensive description and implementation advice that is crucial for getting optimal results in the laboratory.


Practical and authoritative, Cell Culture Techniques serves both the novice and the experienced neurotoxicologist by inspiring the further development of mechanistically-driven, cost-effective, high throughput series of tests needed to meet the many contemporary challenges.

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