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Come Closer: On love and self-protection

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Everyone engages in self-protecting behaviours to some extent, but when these begin to take on the form of bad habits, they can be damaging. People often use self-protection strategies in love and relationships to mitigate potential pain or heartbreak. This book considers the defence mechanisms inadvertently used to avoid closeness with other people, the inner self, and reality and any resulting distress from confrontation with these bodies.

This book will teach you how to recognise specific protective behaviours that hinder close relationships and why we engage in them. By understanding the source of these patterns and objectively considering the alternatives, the author will guide you on the path to overcome negative protection strategies and embrace positive relationships. With a foundation in psychology, this book will also be of interest to professional counsellors and therapists.

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ISBN: 978-1785922978

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Published: 12 July 2019 - 13:00