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Download Cryptography in C & C++, 2nd Edition free book as pdf format

Cryptography in C & C++, 2nd Edition

Cryptography in C & C++, 2nd Edition This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

This book covers everything you need to know to write professional-level cryptographic code. This expanded, improved second edition includes about 100 pages of additional material as well as numerous improvements to the original text. The chapter about random number generation has been completely rewritten, and the latest cryptographic techniques are covered in detail. Furthermore, this book covers the recent improvements in primality testing.

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Book pages: 504

ISBN: 978-1-4302-5098-2

Book language: en

File size: 3.08 MB

File type: pdf

Published: 17 March 2019 - 14:41