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Download Developing Applications with Visual Studio.NET free book as pdf format

Developing Applications with Visual Studio.NET

Discusses topics including Microsoft.NET, class libraries, contexts, asynchronous programming, interoperation and COM+, Visual C++ .NET, application development, and debugging. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

This is the.NET book C++ developers have been waiting for: a meaty, practical guide to Visual Studio.NET programming from one of the world's leading authorities on Microsoft development. Best-selling COM/ATL author Richard Grimes begins by reviewing the fundamental concepts that underlie the .NET Runtime, including managed vs. unmanaged code, garbage collection, the Microsoft Intermediate Language, type information, and metadata. Next, Grimes introduces the .NET Class Libraries -- first at a high level, and then with far greater detail about the libraries that will be of greatest value. Grimes covers contexts and remoting, introducing serialization, marshalling, channels and SOAP, and the role of Web services as an interoperability mechanism. Once readers are solidly grounded in .NET, Grimes turns to Visual Studio.NET: its facilities, tools, and project structure, ranging from project management issues to Web discovery. In Part III, Grimes offers comprehensive coverage of using Visual Studio.NET to build advanced applications. He presents detailed coverage of managed C++ written for experienced C++ developers; a thorough walkthrough of C++ development with WinForms designed to help developers migrate from Win32; extensive coverage of Microsoft's ATL Server and web application/service development; and finally, a full chapter on debugging. For every experienced Windows developer familiar with Visual C++.

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Published: 07 February 2020 - 16:00