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Exploring Adobe InDesign CS5

Exploring Adobe InDesign CS5 This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

In the world of design, projects don’t come with directions. The “recipe book” approach used by most software books does little to prepare designers for the demands of a highly competitive industry. EXPLORING ADOBE INDESIGN CS5 takes a different approach With its emphasis on typography and critical thinking, EXPLORING ADOBE INDESIGN CS5 transforms the novice into a professional who is able to use the software while applying industry-standard design principles. In addition to understanding how to use the new features of Adobe InDesign CS5, readers learn to identify each project’s challenges and to strategize the best production sequence. Chapters and projects are carefully organized to move learners from basic operations to creating complex documents. Each chapter builds on the skills presented in the previous chapter. As in industry, the emphasis throughout is on technical accuracy and productivity.

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