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Farthest North

The Arctic explorer sloughs his civilisation with the same ease that he dispenses with the use of soap, and in this reversion to the primitive habits of the aboriginal there is a great and fearful joy. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

In 1893 Nansen set sail in the Fram, a ship specially designed and built to be frozen into the polar ice cap, withstand its crushing pressures, and travel with the sea's drift closer to the North Pole than anyone had ever gone before. Experts said such a ship couldn't be built and that the voyage was tantamount to suicide.

This brilliant first-person account, originally published in 1897, marks the beginning of the modern age of exploration. Nansen vividly describes the dangerous voyage and his 15-month-long dash to the North Pole by sledge. An unforgettable tale and a must-read for any armchair explorer.

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