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Fluctsonas: The True Love Quandary

True Love Quandary description: This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Is this really all there is to life?
Suddenly, in a fast-paced mega-city within New Cafilania. Inexplicable supernatural phenomena threaten to destabilize impassive Adam Fluxelright’s routine way of life and stable mental state.
Past relationship failures are pondered as his post-college desk job suddenly becomes more than mundane after receiving a mysterious anonymous package.
Then, he unexpectedly meets an alluring woman named Maria Flowers. But can he keep her interested when surely there are others with more to offer?
To win her over, amid competition, Adam must stay secure within himself while somehow keeping the supernatural phenomena threatening to overwhelm him under control.

Elements of Magic realism, literary fiction, point of view characters alternate timeline, supernatural, interpersonal relationships, drama, paranormal romance, contemporary lifestyle and issues, near-future lifestyle, and issues, Parallel earth/timeline, drama, quirky humor, geeky humor.

Told in real time format.

Ages 13+ rating. Rarely used cuss words (only damn and hell are used a few times in the whole book), no explicit sexual situations, violence, drug or substance abuse.

Total page count (chapters only) = 295
Total word count (chapters only) = 62,908

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Overall Fluctsonas Series description:

There is a coming clash between powerful corporations and emerging, ideological factions that will determine the fate of society and reality’s existence altogether. Set on the hegemonic continent of Manidestina, the survivability of its stable political institutions, societal norms, citizenry, and way of life will be tested to its absolute limit by these clashing forces. Risky scientific advancement and supernatural forces will threaten all sides as they plot to acquire or maintain control at any cost while interpersonal relationships and alliances of convenience attempt to hold their respective sides together from within.

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Published: 10 August 2021 - 13:00