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Foundations of MIMO Communication

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Understand the fundamentals of wireless and MIMO communication with this accessible and comprehensive text. Viewing the subject through an information theory lens, but also drawing on other perspectives, it provides a sound treatment of the key concepts underpinning contemporary wireless communication and MIMO, all the way to massive MIMO. Authoritative and insightful, it includes over 330 worked examples and 450 homework problems, with solutions and MATLAB code and data available online. Altogether, this is an excellent resource for instructors and graduate students, as well as an outstanding reference for researchers and practicing engineers.

"This masterpiece from two preeminent scholars and innovators was worth the wait: this book took over a decade to write. Heath, Jr and Lozano are renowned information and communication theorists who have made many pioneering contributions to the theory of MIMO. However, they are unusual in also having done much to bring MIMO into practice: Heath at a pioneering Silicon Valley startup and Lozano at Bell Labs. They hold dozens of fundamental patents on MIMO and their broad perspective gives this book a unique depth and relevance. The book is well-suited for teaching or self study, and stands apart from others in the beauty and completeness of the exposition." - Jeffrey Andrews, University of Texas, Austin

"Remarkably, and almost three decades after its inception, MIMO technology is holding on to its status as one of the most impactful and versatile technologies, likely to underpin the design radio access networks for years to come still. With this highly complete textbook, Robert W. Heath Jr and Angel Lozano are sharing their deep expertise and long-term experience in an area that has seen so many successes and revolutions. This material will be invaluable to teachers, students, and practitioners alike." - David Gesbert, Eurecom, France

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Published: 21 August 2019 - 16:00