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Human-Computer Interface Technologies for the Motor Impaired

Rehabilitation Science in Practice Series This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Human Computer Interface Technologies for the Motor Impaired examines both the technical and social aspects of human computer interface (HCI). Written by world-class academic experts committed to improving HCI technologies for people with disabilities, this all-inclusive book explores the latest research, and offers insight into the current limitations of this field. It introduces the concept of HCI, identifies and describes the fundamentals associated with a specific technology of HCI, and provides examples for each. It also lists and highlights the different modalities (video, speech, mechanical, myoelectric, electro-oculogram, and brain-waves) that are available, and discusses their relevant applications.

Easily and readily understood by researchers, engineers, clinicians, and the common layperson, the book describes a number of HCI technologies ranging from simple modification of the computer mouse and joystick to a brain–computer interface (BCI) that uses the electrical recording of the brain activity of the user. The text includes photographs or illustrations for each device, as well as references at the end of each chapter for further study.

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