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Introduction to Modern EW Systems

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Master the latest electronic warfare (EW) techniques and technologies related to on-board military platforms with this authoritative resource. You gain expert design guidance on technologies and equipment used to detect and identify emitter threats, giving you an advantage in the never-ending chess game between sensor guided weapons and EW systems. This unique book offers you deeper insight into EW systems principles of operation and their mathematical descriptions, arming you with better knowledge for your specific design applications. 

Moreover, you get practical information on how to counter modern communications data links which provide connectivity and command flow among the armed forces in the battlefield. Taking a sufficiently broad perspective, this comprehensive volume offers you a panoramic view of the various physical domains RF, Infrared, and electronics that are present in modern electronic warfare systems. This in-depth book is supported with over 280 illustrations and more than 560 equations.

Contents: Introduction to EW Scenarios. Evolution of Signal Emitters/Sensors. EW Sensor Systems. RF Direction Finding (DF) and Emitter Location Techniques. Active EW Equipments. Countermeasure Techniques.

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ISBN: 978-1608072071

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Published: 31 July 2019 - 07:00