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Kincaid's Battery

A romance set near New Orleans during the Civil War. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Set in sultry New Orleans during the Civil War, "Kincaid's Battery" tells the story of a Confederate army artillery unit, Hilary Kincaid's Battery--or "the ladies' men," as they are more teasingly known. The men's various romances with the women of the Big Easy, among other adventures, examine themes of hope, peace, and the nature of war.

For the scene of this narrative please take into mind a wide quarter-circle of country, such as any of the pretty women we are to know in it might have covered on the map with her half-opened fan.
Let its northernmost corner be Vicksburg, the famous, on the Mississippi. Let the easternmost be Mobile, and let the most southerly and by far the most important, that pivotal corner of the fan from which all its folds radiate and where the whole pictured thing opens and shuts, be New Orleans. Then let the grave moment that gently ushers us in be a long-ago after-noon in the Louisiana Delta.
Throughout that land of water and sky the willow clumps dotting the bosom of every sea-marsh and fringing every rush-rimmed lake were yellow and green in the full flush of a new year, the war year, Sixty-one.
Though rife with warm sunlight, the moist air gave distance and poetic charm to the nearest and humblest things.

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