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Download Man the Footballer - Homo Passiens: The Missing Link in Human Evolution (Arguably) free book as pdf format

Man the Footballer - Homo Passiens: The Missing Link in Human Evolution (Arguably)

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In this book you will discover the truth-that Homo passiens is the missing link in human evolution. That Homo sapiens is a recently arrived imposter in the evolution of the genus Homo-a charlatan, a fraud, a villain, a quack! That all the academic stuff about consciousness, language, science, and so on, emanating exclusively from (and created by) Homo sapiens is evolutionary hogwash!

It all came not from Homo sapiens-as this recently arrived, pathological lying subspecies claims repeatedly in schools, textbooks, literature, and all institutions of higher learning-but from the founder species, Homo passiens-Man the Footballer! As evidenced in this book, humans evolved two legs for football, domed head and flat face for subtle and powerful heading, and flat and levered feet with non-opposable big toes for shooting.

We all love to be clever, and this book is to be associated with its seminal ideas and not necessarily read from left to right. The thinking fans will want to be associated with the mad science presented here. Man the Footballer also contains a foreword by Irvine Welsh, author of the bestseller Trainspotting. After reading this book, football will never be the same again!

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ISBN: 978-1782551560

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Published: 04 July 2019 - 19:00