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Management Teams: Why they succeed or fail

Benefit from Belbin's own experience of putting the Team Roles method into practice . Succinct and practical information to enable managers to make a real difference in the workplace . Real-life case studies show how to apply the theory in practice Meredith Belbin's unique and widely-read work on teams has become part of everyday language for organizations around the world. For every manager, getting the most from their team is paramount in achieving superior results. Belbin's vital area of management research supersedes the usual preoccupations with qualifications and experience, considering instead the Team Role behaviours which shape everyday interactions in teams. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Management Teams: Why they succeed or fail is an account of the experimental study of management teams at Henley Management College from which Belbin's unique Team Role theory developed. Now in its third edition the original theory has been fully updated and rewritten in parts by the author, with chapter summaries and updated illustrations. This is the original book by Meredith Belbin, offering the only authoritative explanation of how Belbin's world-famous Team Role language came into being.

Download and print a free, full-page summary of Team Roles with their icons, descriptions, strengths and allowable weaknesses from http://www.belbin.com/books/books.htm

R. Meredith Belbin was formerly Chairman of the Industrial Training Research Unit. A founder Member of Belbin Associates, he is also Visiting Professor and Honorary Fellow of Henley Management College.

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* Meredith Belbin's own explanation of his team roles method allows readers to benefit from his extensive experience of its use in practice * Numerous real world case studies show how to apply the theory to real situations * Companion material available at www.belbin.com offering further practical advice on applying the method including the Self-Perception Inventory to find out the role you play within your team

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