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Merton of the Movies

The most joyful and gorgeous satire on the motion picture industry that has ever appeared; a novel packed with humor by a man of great gifts for fantastic whimsy and acute observation; the latest and perhaps the best work by one of the most civilized and intelligent literary artists in America. (Made into a movie starring Red Skelton.) This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Merton of the Movies is a comic novel by Harry Leon Wilson. It was adapted into a stage play and three films. Wilson, a writer and novelist, wrote the book after a brief stint in Hollywood. Merton of the Movies was published in the Saturday Evening Post in 1919[1] and published as a book in 1922. Thomas Hischak described Merton of the Movies as a "light-hearted romp" with characters "cartoonish but endearing". The novel sold millions of copies and has been adapted to other media several times. Small-town bumpkin Merton Gill fantasizes about joining the glamorous world of silent films, and takes a correspondence school course in acting. He travels to Hollywood, where he is disillusioned by the foibles of his screen idols. He is befriended by comedienne and stuntwoman Flips Montague, who helps him land a bit part, which he bungles so badly with his comically inept acting that the studio is inspired to use him for comedy. Gill becomes a comedy star, delivering lines that he thinks are serious straight drama

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