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Download Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management free book as pdf format

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management

Unleash the power of financial management with tips, techniques, and solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is a mature accounting software, ERP application, which is aimed at making life easier for financial professionals. This book is to assist readers in improving their use of Microsoft Dynamics GP by showing them how to get the most out of the financial aspect of the system.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management is intended to add value to your organization by making use of additional modules and processes by introducing readers, new or experienced, to some of the financial management modules of Dynamics GP, such as Analytical Accounting, Cash Flow Management, and Encumbrance Management.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management introduces the six essential financial modules. You will get acquainted with accounting to enable reporting, before gaining an oversight into inflow and outflow of cash. Budget studies cover all aspects of budget use in Dynamics GP for comparing actual figures against the budgets created and maintained within the system. The final chapters cover PO Commitments and Encumbrance Management; two sides of the same coin. Both modules allow for the control of purchasing by either committing or encumbering the transactions and preventing overspending.

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Published: 21 May 2019 - 03:53