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Download Moodle 2.0 Course Conversion, 2nd Edition free book as pdf format

Moodle 2.0 Course Conversion, 2nd Edition

A complete guide to successful learning using Moodle 2.0 This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Schools, colleges and universities all over the world are installing Moodle, but many educators aren’t making much use of it. With so many features, it can be a hassle to learn – and with teachers under so much pressure day-to-day, they cannot devote much time to recreating all their lessons from scratch.

This book shows how to bring your existing notes, worksheets, resources and lesson plans into Moodle quickly and easily. Instead of exploring every feature of Moodle, the book focuses on getting you started immediately – you will be turning your existing materials into Moodle courses right from the start.

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Book pages: 368

ISBN: 978-1-84951-482-8

Book language: en

File size: 24.67 MB

File type: pdf

Published: 17 April 2019 - 19:55