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Download Physics II For Dummies free book as pdf format

Physics II For Dummies

A plain-English guide to advanced physics This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

A plain-English guide to advanced physics

Does just thinking about the laws of motion make your head spin? Does studying electricity short your circuits? Physics II For Dummies walks you through the essentials and gives you easy-to-understand and digestible guidance on this often intimidating course.

Thanks to this book, you don?t have to be Einstein to understand physics. As you learn about mechanical waves and sound, forces and fields, electric potential and electric energy, and much more, you?ll appreciate the For Dummies law: The easier we make it, the faster you?ll understand it!

  • An extension of the successful Physics I For Dummies
  • Covers topics in a straightforward and effective manner
  • Explains concepts and terms in a fast and easy-to-understand way

Whether you?re currently enrolled in an undergraduate-level Physics II course or just want a refresher on the fundamentals of advanced physics, this no-nonsense guide makes this fascinating topic accessible to everyone.

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Book pages: 384

ISBN: 0470538066

Book language: en

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Published: 27 February 2022 - 15:00