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Pieces of Eight

A polite treasure hunt which, compared to Stevenson's handling of the same plot lacks the thrills of real buccaneering, but which is romantic and beautifully descriptive of the tropic Bahamas. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Pieces of Eight, Fiction book, Bahamas. An early book of 19th century, yet tops our present literature books, here as it began; Some few years ago—to be precise, it was during the summer of 1903—I was paying what must have seemed like an interminable visit to my old friend John Saunders, who at that time filled with becoming dignity the high-sounding office of Secretary to the Treasury of His Majesty's Government, in the quaint little town of Nassau, in the island of New Providence, one of those Bahama Islands that lie half lost to the world to the southeast of the Caribbean Sea and form a somewhat neglected portion of the British West Indies Time was when they had a sounding name for themselves in the world; during

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