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Play for Scala

Covers Play 2 This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Play is a Scala web framework with built-in advantages: Scala’s strong type system helps deliver bug-free code, and the Akka framework helps achieve hassle-free concurrency and peak performance. Play builds on the web’s stateless nature for excellent scalability, and because it is event-based and nonblocking, you’ll find it to be great for near real-time applications.

Play for Scala teaches you to build Scala-based web applications using Play 2. It gets you going with a comprehensive overview example. It then explores each facet of a typical Play application by walking through sample code snippets and adding features to a running example. Along the way, you’ll deepen your knowledge of Scala and learn to work with tools like Akka.

Written for readers familiar with Scala and web-based application architectures. No knowledge of Play is assumed.

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Book pages: 328

ISBN: 978-1-61729-079-4

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Published: 04 May 2019 - 16:32