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Download Service Oriented Architecture: An Integration Blueprint free book as pdf format

Service Oriented Architecture: An Integration Blueprint

A real-world SOA strategy for the integration of heterogeneous Enterprise systems This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

For SOA professionals this is the classic guide to implementing integration architectures with the help of the Trivadis Blueprint. Takes you deep into the blueprint’s structure and components with perfect lucidity. Overview Discover and understand the structure of existing application landscapes from an integration perspective Get to grips with fundamental integration concepts and terminology while learning about architecture variants Fully comprehend all the individual layers and components that make up the Trivadis Integration Architecture Blueprint Map and compare a variety of different vendor platforms to the blueprint Packed with visual representations of the blueprint in order to help you fully understand its structure and implementation What you will learn from this book Gain real transparency in the confused theoretical world of concepts relating to integration architecture Get to grips with existing application landscapes for integration Master the intricacies of architecture variants like point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, pipeline, and SOA Discover future integration technologies like XTP and Grid Computing Uncover how to implement transaction strategies and process modeling Fully grasp the Communication, Collection/Distribution, Mediation, and Process layers of the Trivadis Blueprint Comprehensively compare traditional and modern SOA-driven integration solutions Implement application systems correctly without losing sight of a high-performance, scalable, and affordable enterprise architecture Map platforms from vendors like Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft to the Blueprint Gain the skills and confidence to successfully integrate your own projects with highly applicable integration knowledge Approach A theoretical guide, this book provides detailed and structured explanations and visualizations of the Trividas Integration Architecture Blueprint, showing you the strategy to implement your own integration projects.

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Published: 03 May 2019 - 23:23