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Sir Nigel

A historical romance and tale of adventure, set in England during the fourteenth century. Descendent of a noble family, Nigel Loring is the last of his race, and living alone with his aged grand-mother, upon a small remnant of their great estate. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a prolific writer born in Scotland, who started out as a medical doctor and took an occupational detour that made him world-famous. While studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh, he augmented his income by writing stories — a pursuit that led to the creation of Sherlock Holmes, one of literature's best-loved detectives. Doyle also wrote many works of history and science fiction, plus plays and poetry. Set against the fourteenth-century war between England and France, Sir Nigel is an action-packed adventure classic, filled to the brim with history, conflict, chivalry, and a dash of romance.
This illustrated epic, which the author calls "the most complete, satisfying, and ambitious thing I have ever done," introduces young squire Nigel Loring as he leaves home to serve King Edward at the start of the Hundred Years' War. Though small of stature, Nigel possesses a "lion heart and the blood of a hundred soldiers thrilling in his veins" that propel him to accomplish heroic acts in his quest for knighthood. The star upon his path is his beloved Lady Mary, who waits for him to complete three courageous acts so he can win her hand in marriage. Faced with fierce combat, a desperate battle at sea, and a terrifying encounter with the Red Ferret that leaves him close to death, can Nigel fulfill his promise?

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Published: 26 October 2021 - 20:00