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Some Day Days

Be careful what you wish for. Wishes sometimes come true. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Be careful what you wish for.
Wishes sometimes come true.

University student Hugh Gallagher discovers this when the girl of his dreams, the “incomparable” Selina Beri shows up at his door seeking his geeky expertise for her last final exam. Can Hugh, the classic shy geek, avoid making a fool of himself with the girl he has loved from afar?

Some Day Days is a rather experimental memoir of the first few months of a long romance. It is set in Oxford, London, and Cambridge and explores, in a set of twelve pieces; short stories, novelettes, and an essay, the joys and sorrows of a dream come true. However, Some Day Days chronicles only the beginning of this long romance, the remainder of which will remain unrecorded, so that readers who wonder how it all turns out will want to read, rather closely, A Summer in Amber, a novel set many years in the future that offers a clue as to how Hugh and Selina’s romance turned out.

C. Litka writes old-fashioned novels with modern sensibilities, humor, and romance. His lighthearted novels of adventure, mystery, and travel are set in richly imagined worlds and feature a colorful cast of well drawn characters. If you seek to escape, for a few hours, your everyday life, you will not find better company, nor more wonderful worlds to travel and explore, than in the novels of C. Litka.

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