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The Coming of Cassidy

Excellent stories of the early eighteen-seventies when the buffalo were going and the cattle were coming. Then the cow man and the cayuse and the pinto, and the coyote were familiar creatures, and wild jests were played, and feuds were fought to the end, and Mr. Mulford has stories of both, jests and feuds, and a very interesting book is the result. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Buck Peters put everything he owned into the Bar-20 and thought eh could make a go of it. It looked pretty good too, until he feill in with that gang of renegade buffalo hunters. There were after her spread, his cattle, his life. And they swore to let nothing stand in their way. Nothing.

And then they met a cowhand named Cassidy...

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ISBN: 0812522915

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Published: 06 November 2021 - 15:00