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The Coral Island

Three boys, Ralph, Peterkin and Jack, are stranded on an island - not a realistic portrayal of such a situation, but still successful and popular in its day. Its interesting to note that The Lord of the Flies was written in response to the unrealistic behavour and racism in this book. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Fifteen-year-old Ralph, mischievous young Peterkin and clever, brave Jack are shipwrecked on a coral reef with only a telescope and a broken pocketknife between them. At first the island seems a paradise, with its plentiful foods and wealth of natural wonders. But then a party of cannibals arrives, and after that a pirate ship...what is to become of them?

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Published: 06 October 2021 - 22:00

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