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The Elephant God

Of all the swarming herds of wild elephants in the Terai, the Mysore, or the Ceylon jungles no man, white or black, has ever seen one that had died a natural death -- yet many have watched them climbing up the great mountain rampart of the Himalayas towards regions where human foot never followed. The Death Place of the Elephants is a legend in which all jungle races firmly believe, but no man has ever found... This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

The letters, sahib, said the post orderly, blocking up the doorway of the bungalow. Kevin Dermot put down his book as the speaker, a Punjaubi Mohammedan in white undress, slipped off his loose native shoes and entered the room barefoot, as is the custom in India. "For this one a receipt is needed," continued the sepoy, holding out a long official nvelope registered and insured and addressed, like all the others, to "The Officer Commanding, Ranga Duar, Eastern Bengal." Major Dermot signed the receipt and handed it to the man. As he did so the scream of an elephant in pain came to his ears. "What is that?" he asked the post orderly. "It is the mahout, Chand Khan, beating his hathi (elephant), sahib," replied the sepoy looking out

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