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The Gold Girl

A man, a maid, a lost mine--and a jug. Around these Mr. Hendryx has written a fascinating romance of the West. A tale wherein the course of true love does not begin to run smooth until the very last chapter. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

James Beardsley Hendryx (1880-1963) was an American author. Amongst his works are: The Promise: A Tale of the Great Northwest (1915), The Gun-Brand: A Feud of the Frozen North (1917), The Texan: A Story of the Cattle Country (1918), Connie Morgan in the Lumber Camps (1919), The Gold Girl (1920), Prairie Flowers (1920), The Challenge of the North (1922), Snowdrift: A Story of the Land of the Strong Cold (1922), The One Big Thing (1923), Connie Morgan in the Cattle Country (1923), Marquard the Silent (1924), At the Foot of the Rainbow (1924), Beyond the Outposts (1924), Without Gloves (1924), Downey of the Mounted (1926), Frozen Inlet Post (1927), Man of the North (1929), Corporal Downey Takes the Trail (1931), Raw Gold (1933), The Yukon Kid (1934), Outlaws of Halfaday Creek (1935), Blood of the North (1938), Edge of Beyond (1939), It Happened on Halfaday Creek (1944), The Way of the North (1945), Courage of the North (1946), On the Rim of the Arctic (1948), Sourdough Gold (1952), Good Men and Bad (1954) and Terror on Halfaday Creek (1963).

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