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The Highest Treason

The highest treason of all is not so easy to define--and be it noted carefully that the true traitor in this case was not singular, but very plural... This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.


It was a space war on a massive scale against an alien enemy sworn to enslave mankind on Earth and all its colonies . . .

But mankind's society had grown weak, forgetting the key component that had made it reach for the stars in the first place.

Now it was mired in a bland, homogenized, politically-correct mess, bankrupt of values.

Sebastian MacMaine, a master strategist, abandoned the Earth Empire to work for the Kerothi and their alien space fleets. His was the most startling mission in human history.

His tactics?



Here is a shocking story of thrilling space battles. It is political and philosophical science fiction that you will never forget, by a master of the form.

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Published: 29 October 2021 - 17:00