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The Original Classic Sci-Fi Short Stories with ROBERT SHECKLEY Full Biography As one of the Guardian ships protecting Earth, the crew had a problem to solve. Just how do you protect a race from an enemy who can take over a man's mind without seeming effort or warning? This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

"That hand didn't move, did it?" Edwardson asked, standing at the port, looking at the stars.
Richard Everset and C. R. Jones had gone on the first interstellar flight.
"Do you think I could fire a couple of bursts?" Edwardson asked, his fingers on the gunfire button. "Just to limber the guns?"
Robert Sheckley
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Opinions on Sheckley's work
"Robert Sheckley: the best short-story writer the field has produced." — Alan Dean Foster
"I had no idea the competition was so terrifyingly good." — Douglas Adams
"Sheckley at his best is Voltaire and Soda." — Brian W. Aldiss
"Probably the best short-story writer during the 50s to the mid-1960s working in any field." — Neil Gaiman
"Always he crackles with ideas." — Kingsley Amis
"[Robert Sheckley is] witty and ingenious... a draught of pure Voltaire and tonic." — J. G. Ballard
"If the Marx Brothers had been literary rather than thespic fantasists ... they would have been Robert Sheckley." — Harlan Ellison
"Journey of Joenes is a mid-20th century version of Voltaire’s Candide." — James Lovelock

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