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Download The Outdoor Girls in a Motor Car free book as pdf format

The Outdoor Girls in a Motor Car

One of the girls has learned to run a big motor car, and she invites the club to go on a tour with her, to visit some distant relatives. On the way they stop at a deserted mansion, said to be haunted and make a most surprising discovery. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Come on, girls, the car is here, and this time I'm going to run it myself! "You never are, Mollie Billette!" exclaimed Grace Ford, as, with three companions, she hurried to the window of the lib-rary of the Billette home, and looked out toward the street, up which was coming a luxurious touring car of the latest model. "Aren't you afraid?" asked Amy Stonington, as she looked admiringly at Mollie, whose cheeks were flushed with excite-ment. "Oh, it simply gives me the creeps to think about it!" added Grace.

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Published: 06 January 2022 - 22:00