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The Pirate Woman

Daughter of the deceased Red Jabez, Sultan of the pirates, the passionate Dolores is left to rule a Jamaican pirate island. Although more than equal to the job of managing the ruffians, Dolores dreams of the day when she can be off the island and on her own, taking her jewels and fortune with her. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

Captain Aylward Edward Dingle (1874-1947), who also wrote under the pseudonyms Brian Cotterell and Sinbad, was the British author of: Gold Out of Celebes (1920), A Modern Sinbad (1933), Spin: A Yarn Sailor (1934), Sinister Eden (1934), Red Saunders: The Chronicle of a Genial Outcast (1934), Not Wisely (1936), Mary: First Mate (1937), Nor Breed Nor Birth (1937), Mock Star (1938), Nita of Martinique (1938), Adrift (1939), The Bomb Ship (1942), Pirates May Fly (1943), Old Glory (1945), "Black Joker" (1946), Reckless Tide (1947), The Petrel's Path (1947), The Corpse Came Back (1948) and Out of the Blue (1948)

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