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The Web of the Golden Spider

Frederick Orin Bartlett (1876-1945) was a US author of several adventure novels, whose The Web of the Golden Spider (1909) is a Lost Race tale set in the Andes, where treasure and its guardians are soon discovered. This link for educational purpose only. Please remove file from your computer after familiarization.

The hero of The Web of the Golden Spider is a New England theological student, rather a new type for a book of adventure. And his adventures are truly thrilling. They begin in a closed house on Beacon Street. Boston, and end in the same house, after a detour through the mountains of South America. A revolution in a petty South American state; a buried treasure; a New England maiden with the Sixth Sense; a beautiful Queen who is half Spanish but talks like an American boarding-school girl (she belongs to the aforesaid petty State) ; a millionaire yacht owner, and a sort of seafaring American Mulvaney, are some of the things and people our hero has to deal with. Not to forget a mysterious dual-identity heathen Priest; a terrible South American prison; . . . Rats . . . in the prison we mean . . . and many more things too exciting to mention out of their orderly sequence in the novel.

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